We believe it is “Never too late, to engage your students, staff and teachers, for a successful academic year that results in student achievement and retention, ensuring a sustainable school budget.  

 Some known Challenges, so far:

  • Expected student achievement outcomes under tight time constraints and staff budgets. 
  • Budget Loss, when student retention is low.Example:  $11,000 per student
    10*11,000= $110,000
    §  $110,00 helps sustain two qualified staff – at $55,000 salary each.

Worry no more, we have expertise and webinars to eliminate your worries and added stress about the rapid changes of digital learning. We’ve got you!  You too can become a school engagement expert! 

We help staff just like yours, plan and implement for successful engagement results with students and staff. We stay up to date with insider information for/with our thorough parent focus group. Our families are empowered when they have the tools to be partners in their child’s education. 

Offering an alternative solution to overly complicated DIY, we are the one stop shop for all things school experience. With our comprehensive, easy to use, online parent, student and teacher satisfaction assessment, we teach school leaders how to get an engagement plan for a thriving school environment.

We call it “Connectivity Pulse.”

  •       Get your answers to your pressing questions.
  •       What do your employees value?
  •       What are employees supports that can be beneficial as they return back to work?
  •       What are program modifications your stakeholders would like to see?

Outcome Driven– For your organization’s ongoing success, includes:

  •       Cultivating awareness of wellbeing offerings and highlight your organization’s accessibility during these uncertain times.
  •       Projecting your preparedness to all school stakeholders
  •       Successfully advocating and appealing for more budget knowing the current needs.
  •       Talking like a pro when addressing community stakeholders
  •       Becoming a leading school/ organization in your community

Value Package Includes: 

  • An increase compassion towards the student and educator experience in regards to distance learning by increasing insight towards social emotional challenges that may decrease student engagement, 
  • Establish realistic and reasonable expectations for students and educators that enhance emotional well-being 
  • Providing stress reduction and self-care strategies to educators. 
  • Effective tools to engage students, stress reduction strategies, and mental health resources will be provided. 
  • Focus on how you can be resourceful and keep serving your audience.