Birthday Wishlist | June 20, 2021

I appreciate your generosity and kindness ! Thank you for being part of my life, as I embark to keep positive school community impacts at the forefront:

Creating and Sustaining healthy inclusive work systems-Increasing School Retention-Nationwide! 

With all my love, Jacqueline. #DeanOnTheGo

Marketing & Systems

The infrastructure to keep impacting schools’ operation and work cultures positively – one school site at a time. 

JGR Consultancy Expansion

We’re helping schools beyond Cali!

  • Wisconsin- Public Network August 2021
  • Chicago – Thanks a Latte November 2021
  • Texas- Stress Liberation Spring 2022

Dean on the Go - Rest and Refuel

Education 3.0 We think, act, and live differently. Keeping one’s cup on overflow ( that powerful mind, body and soul)  keeps these positive impacts sustainable. 

JGR consultancy is here!

Receive the knowledge you need to achieve the maximum amount of retention and balance, and also help your students and colleagues reduce stress. JGR Consultancy provides interactive one-on- one coaching, webinars for staff, educators, and administration to assist students with emotional, and time management support, and resources for distance learning. We help coach your staff for digital learning success! One step at a time.