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About JGR Consultancy

Jacqueline is a school leader herself, she brings first hand leadership experience in founding and supporting seven startups, from education, nonprofit, and business sectors. In June 2014, Jacqueline was at the forefront of recruiting a student body of 175 to start a K-8th school that August. No building to show, until a week before the first day of school. Fast forward, 1912 school building then still remains the same place 245 students achieve their record high standardized testing scores for a consecutive three years. Jacqueline continues to lead with her own school leadership experience of knowing how it feels to engage in the following thoughts:.

  • Information overload, confusion
  • So many deadlines
  • Worried about student and teacher retention
  • Worried about budget constraints
  • How much is budget loss after student retention numbers drop?
  • Worried about not having the right information and the tools needed to coach and guide your students and families, academically, and emotionally.

Do not delay!

We want you to be in charge of your time and stakeholder engagement with confidence!

How this works: All packages are customized to your needs

Whether you are a school leader, department lead, or organization, we have retention, professional development and engagement trainings designed just for you.

Our “Secret sauce”

Exemplary leadership and passion for the field


Our brain and experience + powerful leaders like you = a continued track record of success.

JGR consultancy traits of success are:

  • Experienced school leader who has a track record of founding and sustaining strong organizational cultures while simultaneously maintaining an effective time management model.
  • Track record for strength-based approaches to help you get the answers to your most critical questions.
  • Over 15 years as a recognized leader in employee and student
    engagement, development, and retention.
  • Industry leader in creating and applying engagement and social emotional learning services to help employees and families see ahead and move on with direction.
  • We have spent countless hours honing in on having strong relationships with all stakeholders, members of the community. Yes, we have parent focus groups data information since the start of digital learning.

Professional Development

JGR consultancy offers comprehensive and easy to use professional development support for your school administrators, counselors, and teachers. Our professional development training is online. Our staff development webinars are up to date and include best practices for Western Association of Schools and Colleges and Los Angeles Unified School District visits, as well as Charter renewal process. Let us support your teachers, staff, and families today!


Retention is a Game Changer: Bringing your teams, academic and brand together is how you stand out during digital learning.

What Our Clients Say

School Retention Advice

School Leader Cape Upgrade

School Leader Cape Upgrade

The alarm rings and I stare at the window and check if sunlight is beaming already? Sometimes it is a customary 2:30 am wake and many times it is 6:00 am, the day is beginning wakeup time. I check my son’s room and start the time to wake up routine. You know the what,...

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A Recap at Trailblazing Education 3.0

Powerful women lead without limits. Team JGR Consultancy used those words to propel forward during the pandemic one-year anniversary. Our month has been in full effect since then. We took into account every pandemic affect our focus groups have shared and took action...

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Data guides remote learning too!

One of our core values at JGR CONSULTANCY is to be actively observant and curious when reviewing any school data. Just like the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, today's school remote learning needs also require attention, care and patience.  Since last...

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Resilience is our Middle Name

Today marks 331 more chances to create opportunities that elevate our school faculty, students and family’s wellbeing. HOPE keeps knocking at our door as we greet our students and families back from winter break. In fact, by the end of this week, we have reached 10...

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