Emerging research on how factors such as one staff member cannot solve it all lends the opportunity for organizations to nurture a cohesive team that is committed to the vision that sustains a thriving organizational culture. When employees have a constant grasp and alignment with the organization values, clear role expectations, the outcomes are an efficient use of time. We simplify the day of a leader, just like you, by getting all stakeholders engaged throughout the year (and retain your student population, stress free)

New academic year, allows for our new reality to sets in, so you might be asking yourself

  1. There is so much to learn, where do you start?
  2. How can we afford to mitigate learning loss gaps? Have we done enough?

Fearful that your seasoned staff will quit, is no longer worry with us alongside.

No one wants to let the students down. Perhaps you do not feel confident on how to advise your students and families to make digital learning engagement plans- a choice that can make the difference in thriving this year. Academically and emotionally. 

We have a new school year, and now able to review what worked and what needs some fine tuning together; – 

  • For School Partnerships: Adding Value with complex problem-solving strategies for your employees, parents, and community partnerships. You know what is important to families today, to prepare for tomorrow.
  • For School Operations Purposes: we compliment their own expertise. Educating one staff member or hosting professional development webinars for your team, to bring your core values in all your day-to-day operations

Your school wide social emotional intelligence plan of success is here ….

When it comes to engaging your school community you do not need to spend countless hours researching, only to get incomplete information.

We teach you how to actively engage with empathy with your school community and get your school staff engaged in the process.

We can help you get unstuck with our self-paced management support, whether just getting started or have a plan in place, it is never too early or late to begin your plan of success. A schoolwide social emotional intelligent plan is empowering and important to retain talent and families during digital learning and beyond.

Our step-by-step process allows the opportunity to:

  • Highlight your wellbeing efforts, and project your authenticity and empathy leadership role as you model healthy engagements and holistic responses to stress.
  • Check in with virtual teams- Determine if remote workers have the information, resources, and support they need to be successful.
  • Drive employee engagement and establish go forward plans. No organization can afford to lose talent, during these uncertain times?
  • Gain insight from your organization high performers and hone in to positively impact your retention strategies.
  • Have awareness of your colleagues’ knowledge about/pertaining to assessing company culture and communication strategies to improve their remote work/ hybrid school experience

JGR consultancy proven record of success

  • Experienced school leader who has a track record of founding and sustaining strong organizations cultures while simultaneously maintaining an effective time management model.
  • Track record for strength-based approaches to help you get the answers to your most critical questions.
  • Over 15 years as a recognized leader in employee engagement, development benchmarking that create and sustain thriving school environments.
  • Industry leader in creating and applying engagement and social emotional learning services to help employees, families see ahead and move on with direction.
  • We have spent countless hours honing in on having strong relationships with all stakeholders, members of the community. Yes, we have parent focus groups data information since the start of digital learning.