Powerful women lead without limits.

Team JGR Consultancy used those words to propel forward during the pandemic one-year anniversary.

Our month has been in full effect since then. We took into account every pandemic affect our focus groups have shared and took action by taking a seat:

At Hope’s Latina 30th annual women conference; celebrating culture, resilience, and past and recent accomplishments.

At Western Association of Schools and Colleges providing school audit leadership.

At supporting St. Agnes School with its fundraising efforts as we sent over some popcorn treats to our first responders.

Then with the pandemic first year anniversary, our team compiled all the focus group takeaways to provide a complimentary Reduce Stress in Schools, DIY Guide. Our goal was accomplished when we provided a step-by-step process that was designed to acknowledge day-to-day stressors and provide guidance to create a reduced stress action plan. (Now available in Spanish and English)

As we continue to rebuild our schools in full effect nationwide, retention of academics, students, staff, resources, and budgets remain priorities as we navigate the pandemic effects. I am always an email away (jacqueline@jgrconsultancy.com) if we can lend support for any of your school founding, retention, operation, and culture needs.

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