JGR Consultancy partnered to create a parent development series, July 26- August 16, 2020, geared at providing parents with the useful information before schools reopened. The series featured parent to parent digital learning dialogues, school leaders’ updates, and community leaders sharing resources. This Spanish informational sessions, Tecito with Jacqueline, launched last April when school changes were coming at lightning speed and the translation capacity was a high demand. Jacqueline past leadership startups experiences reminded her the crucial need to reach all community members, working parents included. Video replays platform it was and six months later we are honored to see the enthusiasm parents are having in sharing their knowledge and also knowing community organizations and school leaders are collaborating to provide them useful information throughout the summer.
The biggest accomplishment the team received is learning student’s camera use during instruction has significantly increased and reached 89% school wide. To the team, the hundreds our hours of dedication to meet our family’s needs thru programming planning and implementation now blossoms with its positive impacts. Thank you to all the parents, school and community leaders who have contributed to this student success goal.
Afterall, school leadership at is core is working alongside teachers, families, and community stakeholders. I have always thought that the best compliment a family can give a school leader is “I understand my options and can make s educated choice for my child/ren. Afterall in times of uncertainty, unity is essential. Feel free to share with anyone who can benefit from this resource. Webinar platforms: @ Jacqueline Gonzalez Reyes – Facebook Live.

For future Tecito with Jacqueline collaborations, please email: Jacqueline@jgrconsultancy.com

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