One of our core values at JGR CONSULTANCY is to be actively observant and curious when reviewing any school data. Just like the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, today’s school remote learning needs also require attention, care and patience.  Since last March, our team has conducted and reviewed over a dozen focus groups with families, students and school faculty. Our vision to support fellow school executives has been guided by data since day one. Since the initiation of remote learning, school districts throughout the country started reporting the level for student dropout rates and emotional support need was at an all-time high. The physical connection restraints lightning speed.  were asking we take a closer look to emotional wellbeing. We debriefed, we edited, we spoke back to our migraines, but most importantly we laughed frequently. Perhaps it was the silent understanding that we all shared; courage to show up for ourself, each other and the communities we serve. From team JGR CONSULTANCY, we want to thank you for riding 2020 with us. For being the best cheerleader, anyone can ask for when we needed it.  We look forward to continuing working alongside on all your retention needs for 2021 and beyond!

The fluctuation of energy is a side effect the school community has had during this pandemic. With a new year comes the opportunity to address brin Stress Liberation ~ just dance movements!

Saying goodbye to stress and saying hello to validating all emotions in 15 minutes. We are excited to build a synergy like no other. 

Looking forward to having a powerful and impactful 2021 year alongside you!