Powerful School leaders:

Think, Act and Live Differently.

The current pandemic forced distance learning in our schools in order to keep students, educators, families, and communities safe. Students and educators are adjusting to a new style of learning. With this new style of learning new stressors have emerged for students who may have already been struggling with learning. Social emotional barriers to distance learning requires students and educator’s engagement to be intentional. There are other people depending on your leadership right now.  Students, parents, employees and school boards are depending on you to build and keep providing a safe and nurturing learning environment, NOW more than ever.

As the result of this program attendees will:

·   Learn the takeaways of hundreds of parents, student, staff takeaways and what are the new norms of expectations.

·   Acknowledge how hard school leaders are on themselves, creating instant burnout.

·   Understand why thinking and acting pre pandemic is getting on their way to authentically lead.

·   Practice 3 powerful transformation tools to stop burnout in its tracks.

Overcoming Student Exodus

3 keys to break free of fragile school budgets

Why is Retention important? At the root of creating a sustainable retention plan you are provided with the opportunity to create a proactive, growth environment.  ~Focusing on challenges even before they arise. With student attendance being linked to most school funding, learn how to have less fluctuations in student attendance affects school budgets. The answer is in strength-based partnerships, that allow your organization purpose shines thru!  

As the result of this program attendees will:

·   Discover how improving community engagement validates participation and increases a sense of belonging

 ·   Learn how to stop student exodus in its tracks with tangible tools.

· Begin to breakthrough and exhibit your enhanced problem-solving mindset with true confidence.

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    Empowering Students to Rise

    How school wide initiatives can champion parents and students to become better school allies

     When students thrive in schools, a school stands out for miles. Research supports how pivotal it is for the health of a school to have parent and student leaders.  The statistics about how limited parent and student school leadership engagement is staggering.  What is holding families back and how can students and parents alike empower more families to rise in school participation? This keynote, workshop and/or program addresses the issue and provides solutions to motivate and empower students and parents to rise so that the school strives.

    As the result of this program attendees will:

    · Learn the truth about why having more student and parent leaders positively impacts everything and sector of school culture.

    ·  Understand why students often report that their parent volunteering increases their academic gains.

    ·  Practice tools that parents’ and students can use in their daily lives to empower each school community member.

    The Curse of Founding a School

    Enhance your confidence and own your inner genius!

    Founding a school is no easy task.  Around the clock feedback, and a whole lot of overcoming stranger danger.  Academics, effective operation systems and a vibrant school culture please!  Add in the pressure of every colleague getting to know each other at lightning speed, and it is to find yourself as a founding leader feeling some sort of real-life curse. What if instead, your school could create a culture where everyone thrives by bringing their genius selves? That is exactly what gets discussed in this powerful keynote, program and or workshop.

    As the result of this program attendees will:

    ·   Wake up to the truth of delegation seizes the winning school culture

    ·   Learning the shocking statistics on what retains the highest student population year one

    ·   Practice a 3 Step Process for stopping schoolwide burnout in the moment.”

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