COO at Hand

We evaluate, we create a plan, and implement your school engagement plan while simultaneously providing your team with coaching around effective time management and relationship building. Your dedicated consultant, Jacqueline will handle all the pieces with your dedicated team! Valuing and including everyone’s strengths is our expertise. Fearful that your seasoned staff will quit, is no longer a worry with Jacqueline alongside. No one wants to let the students down. 

Perhaps you do not feel confident on how to advise your students and families to make digital learning engagement plans- a choice that can make the difference in thriving this year, academically and emotionally.  We have a new school year, and we are now able to review what worked and what needs some fine tuning together.


Some known Challenges, so far:

Expected student achievement outcomes under tight time constraints and staff budgets 

Budget Loss, when student retention is low
Example:  $11,000 per student
10*11,000= $110,000
$110,00 helps sustain two qualified staff – at $55,000 salary each.

Offering an alternative solution to overly complicated DIY, we provide our comprehensive, easy to use, online parent, student and teacher satisfaction assessment. JGR consultancy provides real time dialogue with teams to gather data to strategically make informed business decisions. Learning about an organization’s employee experience, from a no judgement perspective, allows for ideas and perceptions to be captured. Understanding the employer and employee perspective, narrows the focus to concentrate on productivity and an engaging work environment.  School leaders are then provided with a step by step engagement plan for a thriving and sustainable school environment. This is where creating a healthy work environment happens, creating a happier workplace, for everyone in your organization, students and families included!

Values For You

  • Highlight your wellbeing efforts, and project your authenticity and empathy leadership role as you model healthy engagements and holistic responses to stress.

  • Check-in with virtual teams- Determine if remote workers have the information, resources, and support they need to be successful.

  • Drive employee engagement and establish plans to move forward. No organization can afford to lose talent during these uncertain times.

  • Gain insight from your organization high performers and hone in to positively impact your retention strategies.