Did you know the impact a positive organizational culture can have in your time per task, per team member? The answer is in leverage leadership and a track record of successfully implementing systems one staff member at a time. Efficient methods lead to a consistent plan of success. Each and every time.

Our brain with your powerful leaders, equals a continued track record of success.

We evaluate. We create a plan, and implement your school engagement strategy while simultaneously providing you and your team strategies for time management. Your dedicated consultant will handle all the pieces with your dedicated team! Valuing and including everyone’s strengths is our expertise.

JGR consultancy is outcome driven tailoring a plan of action for your organization.  A one on one meeting with a school leader allows for a tailored school culture understanding and a thriving implementation plan. We use six domains, to ensure a holistic implementation approach, covering all aspects of school operations: 

  1.      Planning and Preparation -Review of Current Stakeholder input.
  2.     Management Assessment- Current Strengths Infrastructure
  3.     Delivery of Recommended Next Steps
  4.     Monitoring Assessment- Follow Up Call Included.
  5.     Employee/ Community Outreach Defined
  6.     Confirm Working Systems & Role Responsibilities. 

Put away the worry and stress, fear and guilt, denial and paralysis.

Imagine …. A schoolwide time management plan, where you are 

  • Knowledgeable! 
  • In charge! 
  • Empowered! 
  • Your organization time management expert! 
  • You have a plan of action for the next 6 months!
  • Implementing an employee time effective plan with ease. 
  • Up to date stakeholder feedback. 
  • You are able to coach and guide your staff with confidence.

JGR consultancy provides real time dialogue with teams to gather data to strategically make informed business decisions. Learning about an organization’s employee experience, results in improving efficiency; capturing ideas, perceptions, and then finding the medium to bridge task completion preferences with an effective use of time, organizational model.

A Win, Win!