Done With You Trainings

Did you know the impact a positive organizational culture can have on your time per task, per team member? The answer is in leverage leadership and a track record of successfully implementing systems one staff member at a time. Efficient methods lead to a consistent plan of success. Each and every time.

Emerging research on how factors such as one staff member cannot solve it all lends the opportunity for organizations to nurture a cohesive team that is committed to the vision that sustains a thriving organizational culture.

When employees have a constant grasp and alignment with the organization values, clear role expectations; the outcomes are an efficient use of time.   We simplify the day of a leader, just like you, by having all stakeholders engaged throughout the year (and retain your student population, stress free).

New academic year, allows for our new reality to set in, so you might be asking yourself:

  • There is so much to learn, where do you start?
  • How can we afford to mitigate learning loss gaps? Have we done enough?

JGR consultancy is outcome driven tailoring a plan of action for your organization.  A one-on-one meeting with a school leader allows for a tailored cultural understanding and a thriving implementation plan. We use six domains to ensure a holistic implementation approach covering all aspects of school operations:

  •  Planning and Preparation -Review of Current Stakeholder input.
  • Management Assessment- Current Strengths Infrastructure
  • Delivery of Recommended Next Steps
  • Monitoring Assessment- Follow Up Call Included.
  • Employee/ Community Outreach Defined
  • Confirm Working Systems & Role Responsibilities.

We believe it is “Never too late, to engage your students, staff and teachers, for a successful academic year that results in student achievement and retention, also ensuring a sustainable school budget.”

We call it “Connectivity Pulse.”

  • Get your answers to your pressing questions.
  • What do your employees value?
  • What employee supports that can be beneficial as they return back to work?
  • What are program modifications your stakeholders would like to see?

Outcome Driven

Value for your organization’s ongoing success, includes:

  • Cultivating awareness of wellbeing resources, during these uncertain times.

  • A detailed stakeholder assessment, noting current school needs, to supplement and support budget expenses proposals.

  • Successfully advocating and appealing for an increase in budget while being aware of the current needs.

  • Addressing all community stakeholders with confidence, knowing your team
    and brand cohesion, recruits the best, and makes your school stand out in this age of digital

  • Becoming a leading school/organization in your community.