I am the mama with the autistic child,

I am the mama that works 9:00am- 5:00pm, but always motivate my child before, at my lunch break and after work.

I am the mama that juggles more than two school schedules, the cook, the driver and the nurse.

I am the mama who looks at all the school informational video replays after work, while cooking or listens to the updates during my drive home.

I am the mama who reached an elementary school diploma, limited knowledge of anything past fifth grade and please consider my schooling was completed in a different country.

I am the mama who is the only parent my child/ren have. I am it, and I need to keep my day job to make it all work.

I am the mama who is losing sleep figuring out this technology.

I am the mama to the child/ren who was already struggling academically before school closed last March.

I am the mama that needs a pause button just for a few hours, promise.

As a school leader I have the privilege to work alongside teachers, students, parents and decision makers.  With every discussion since the beginning of the pandemic, I have come to learn that though we all will remember the year 2020 as the pandemic, social justice protests in every state, we all have our own unique remote learning home experience.  The question I asked myself: What will you do with the realities you know are happening in different households’ day after day?

As I pondered with this new reality, a few days later, I was awarded a President commendation letter for my school leadership contribution to all four schools in my network. It was then that I decided the pandemic was the reason to extend my contributions and impacts to improve student outcomes throughout LA and across the country.  The mama courage, the mama passion to see their child/ren succeed continue to inspire me daily. The best part is uniting all the forces that make education successful, emotional intelligence, time management and all stakeholder engagement plans.  Student retention and operating budgets sustainability is also a plus during these uncertain times.   Together, mamas, school leaders and students we will come out stronger at the end, mark my words!

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