Students continue to be the central inspiration of parents, teachers and school leaders. Each student’s resiliency, brilliant mind, continues to inspire us at JGR Consultancy, so much we spent our summer conducting focus group. Indulge in the loving thoughts and advice.

Student remote learning Feedback:

  1. Teachers slow down, sometimes it can be confusing. When you screen share it sometimes helps follow instruction.
  2. Make it fun, we miss our friends. Can we play games, sometimes?

Parent to Parents Feedback: Don’t compare yourself to another parent. Instead, plan a 5-minute routine, to be kind to yourself.

Who said the comment, No mistakes!  No one. Instead plan a 5 minutes routine for reflection and learning time. As human beings, we learn from mistakes.

Teacher to Students Feedback: Take intentional breaks – Top five tips!

  1. Stand up and stretch for a minute.
  2. Go to the bathroom during break time, you will learn more!
  3. Have a snack or a drink of water.
  4. Moisten your face with energizing water.
  5. Movement for 90 seconds, gets blood circulating and keeps you alert.

School buildings closed do not make a school, a community does, and this became evident one focus group after another. Our takeaways, we are stronger together, listening to each other makes us understand what will keep us all thriving during this time.  Also, it all starts and ends with love and loads of patience.

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